Throttle Basics, Inc. Executive Director -

Felicia "Petey" Verrett (Drag mouse over picture and click play for video message!)



Mission Statement

Throttle Basics, Incorporated's mission is to to reduce the incidence of accidents and fatalities among motorcycle riders and drivers through outreach, rider and driver safety education and motorcycle awareness training.



So many motorcyclists and drivers,especially new motorcycle riders and new (particularly young) automobile drivers,are involved in accidents and fatalities shortly after obtaining a motorcycle and a automobile driver’s license. Statistics back this claim up every year. These events are due in part to lack of education, lack of confidence, little to no experience riding and driving, and, recklessness. Our vision is to see more motorcyclists (new and experienced) and new drivers gain confidence through awareness, outreach and education. Motorcyclists and drivers will receive education and information about motorcycle safety (road respect) and the importance of motorcycle awareness on the roads and highways. It's definitely a good decision for motorcyclists and drivers to participate in a safety course to gain motorcycle riding and automobile defensive driving knowledge and techniques.Throttle Basics will reinforce that education with a “knowledge, skills, and abilities” education and information awareness clinic.  




About Us

Throttle Basics instructors have been educated and licensed in the Maryland Motorcycle Safety Foundation Riders Course. Our Executive Director has completed beginner and advanced training in 11 time world champion racer Rickey Gadson's Motorcycle Drag Racing School and, has garnered a championship as the fastest female drag racer as well!