Pre-Test Lessons

How much do you really know about riding your motorcycle and just safely driving on the highway. Before we start let's find out!

The Highway Is Your Friend

Do you love highway riding or driving. Does rush hour freak you out? We will discuss your comfort levels on the highway in the and on the motorcycle in the Throttle Basics Clinic!

Post Test Lessons

Now that we've had this time together, let's see what you know! Confidence is key! You will have the tools to make smart choices on the road!

Schedule Your First Clinic!

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Curriculum

Information used in the clinics/seminars is taken from the Maryland's Motor Vehicle Administration Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum

1 Day or More Clinics/Seminars

Tailor your clinic to your needs. Schedule 60 mins for one day or book multiple sessions according to your audience and your needs. We are available for events too!

The Cost is Free!!!

Throttle Basics is committed to promoting highway safety and building the confidence of Maryland motorcyclists and drivers. We accept donations to further this mission but we will provide this education for free!