Our Instructors

Knowledgeable, Experienced



Knowledge goes a long way when sharing education and information. One thing that enhances knowledge is experience. Our team of instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience. At Throttle Basics, Inc. it's our mission to promote safety for motorcyclists and automobile drivers. Education can help prevent accidents and save lives. In Maryland, we are committed to a reduction in the accident and fatality statistics and, to an increase in lives saved on our highways and roads! 

Get Confidence On The Road!
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  • "Throttle Basics safety education has given me useful information that helps me in my everyday driving".

Cheryl J. 



  • "As a motorcyclist the information shared in the Throttle Basics clinic will save the lives of not only motorcyclists but drivers as well".

Lesyleann V.



  • "Throttle Basics safety education program is a much needed resource and will definitely save lives on Maryland highways".

  Quincy F.



  • “Throttle Basics free courses will allow this information to reach a wide audience and reduce the number of accidents and fatalities in Maryland through education and training.”

Doris A.